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Indoor Gym/Fitness

Gymnasiums Equipment Repair and Services


Gymnasiums and Indoor Fitness

W.G Osborne Inc. offers gymnasium inspections, reporting, quoting and repairs for equipment used in gymnasium equipment found in most Ontario schools and community centers for activities such as basketball, volleyball, floor hockey and badminton.


We inspect outdoor activity equipment for soccer and football baseball and basketball.

We offer Fitness/Weight Room inspections for cable machines parts and attachments, motorized and belted machinery (treadmills/elliptical), bikes as well as free weight equipment and racks

Following a gymnasium inspection schedule not only ensures safety for community members and students/staff but can increase the longevity of equipment while helping reduce expenditures and potential injuries.

Dividing Walls/Curtains and Custom Wall padding

For over 10 years we have provided detailed inspection and repair of gymnasium/classroom dividing walls and curtains as well as wall padding. 


Our annual inspection process and preventative maintenance program can provide repairs and ensure that your investment into your wall/curtains runs smoothly and safely for years.

Our inspection and repair process for wall padding and custom wall padding can ensure that your padding is in good condition and complete repairs as well as the installation of new padding. 

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