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Playgrounds and Outdoor Play

Making Safety Childs Play TM


Playground/Outdoor Play

Unstructured, outdoor play on safe playground equipment is an essential part of every child’s life.


When kids are given the freedom to invent their own games and engage with other children in safe, physical play, they boost self-confidence, nurture important brain functions, and build key strategies for healthy social interactions.


Playground Safety

Playground Safety CSA Standards

W.G. Osborne can provide proof of current Playground Safety Inspector Certificate issued by a credible organization. Canada Parks and Recreation


Playground/Natural Playspace Reporting

Analysis of compliance with existing and new CSA Standard for Children’s Play spaces and Equipment

  • Photographed inventory of all equipment

  • Analysis of safety and non-encroachment zones

  • Evaluation of safety surface conditions and performance

  • Analysis of play environment, play value, age appropriateness, retrofit and expansion potential

  • Identification of Hazards and Immediate safety concerns

  • Equipment repair summaries

  • Maintenance recommendations

  • Retrofit and removal recommendations

  • Inspection reports, summaries and photographs

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